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Together we power
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Join us and transform your device into a beacon of change, powering vital scientific research and creating a positive global impact through incentivized distributed computing.

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Boid in a nutshell

The Boid Core Platform

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Ease of Participation

By installing the Boid application, users can contribute their device's computational resources to various protocols. Boid makes it simple for anyone with a device to participate in distributed computing.

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Community Engagement

Boid community members are actively involved in shaping the future of distributed computing. Users can join teams, participate in discussions, and have a say in the platform's direction.

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Rewarding Contributions

The Boid core system rewards participants contributions with Boid Power. Your Boid Power connects you to tokens, NFTs, and the BoidVerse gaming ecosystem.

Boid in numbers


Folding@home - Work Units


World Community Grid - Work Units

10342 years

CPU Computing time

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Our community supports various initiatives

Cancer research

Parkinsons / Alzheimers


Protein Folding

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The BoidVerse connects your Boid Power to a gaming ecosystem where your real world distributed computing contributions can be used as a resouces in multiplayer games.


Things we're working on

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Power Pools

PowerPools enables users to commit to lock up their BOID tokens for a period of time in exchange for boosters which generate Boid Power.

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Boid Avatars

The Boid Avatars project enables users to design and create distinctive avatars which are collectable and usable inside the Boidverse ecosystem and beyond.

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Boid App

The Boid App is a simple application you can install on your desktop computer to automatically contribute to the Boid distributed computing network.

Boid Frontier

Join us today!

Boid Frontier is our incentivized testnet program where users can experience new upgrades to the Boid Platform before they go live on mainnet. You can earn real rewards in exchange for your contributions on the Boid Frontier!